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Why work with me?

You will gain more clarity around your feelings and learn how to identify what you feel and where they manifest in your body . You will start to understand what behaviour patterns you have created to cope with your feelings. You will learn what your true feelings are: love , fear, pain and anger.

You will learn many new skills: meditation, positive affirmation, and the power of prayer. You will learn to communicate more honestly and clearly in relationships; intimate or family and friends.
You will learn to set your boundaries, saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.
You will learn ways to love yourself more.
You will learn how to create a calmer lifestyle that serves you, rather than exhausts you.
You will be able to create goals, and through daily practice and steps you will find yourself reaching your goals.


Learn how to communicate what you need and create healthy boundaries in relationships.

Create new ways to support your love for each other to grow and find new happiness and joy in that love

Frequently asked questions:  

How do we get out of the constant blaming and fighting?
How do we create sexual intimacy, after having children and being married for several years?
At what point is the relationship over? 


Do you want to feel more confident in all areas of your life ?

Are you struggling to forgive and let go the situations where you have been hurt?

Do you want to understand what you feel and learn how to express your emotions in a healing way?

Do you need support in removing obstacles that no longer serve you, so you can live a life of Totality? 

Are you longing to be happy and fulfilled? 


Would you like to know what your gifts are this life?

Do you want to create the change that you have been praying and longing for ?

Are you aware of what is stopping you from taking risks and living from your full potential?

Do you believe in yourself and value what you have to bring and share to the world?

Are you ready to take action and change what is not working for you ? 

If you need help in any of these areas, please get in touch

Client Testimonials 

"In a word – powerful. I knew that I would get something out of the session because Sanjula is the kind of woman who thrives in seeing people become the best version of themselves. It’s a kind of tough love that pushes you beyond your boundaries that we might have only ever experienced with explorative and supportive parents...

I know that there are many other layers to uncover and that is the journey that we call life, but the intensity of this weekend really pushed me to delve deep, hard and fast which I appreciated. I will also take away some very valuable tools back into the real world, including knowing where my boundaries are, and how to vocalise them."


"Sanjula is an incredibly special & intuitive healer. I have been working with her for many months and she has beautifully guided me through periods of confusion & pain and helped me find my way back to happiness again every time. Her loving & divine guidance has been a huge support to me on my healing journey. I hope to continue to work with her for many more months & years to come. A truly wonderful human being & a magical soul."

"With Sanjula I have entered the most powerful and enriching stage of the journey into my fun manifestation. I have never met a person that can listen with such clarity to where I am. She listens to me even before we meet and talk. From her I am am receiving a support and positive challenges to a degree that no word can really describe. Thanks to her and to my commitment to our work, I am reaching myself and my inner divine: this is taking me into reaching my full potential… it’s happening. It’s happening every day more. Thank you, Sanjula "


Fear can keep us trapped in unhealthy situations and that anxiety which we hold in the body can manifest in many different ways...

When we begin to look at our emotional “baggage” and face our fears and anxieties within us in a safe and supported space, we can begin to understand and resolve that fear, it can be transformed and released from our bodies.  

As we begin to acknowledge our fear to embrace and work with it, to open up to it, stop bottling it all up inside, it changes how we can feel.

We can begin to discover other feelings of joy and security within us, and we start to make different decisions and choices for ourselves we truly begin to bring into our lives all that we dream and desire.

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