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I'm Sanjula and I am South African by birth.
I am a trained Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach.

I left my home country when I was 21 years old to travel around Europe and to finally arrive in England.
During my travels I realised that I was looking for deeper meaning and purpose in my life. I found my way to Iona and a community in Scotland called Findhorn, where I lived for 4 years after having been introduced by an ex Buddhist monk! 

This is where my journey as a healer began to open up, I was able to commune with the nature and all its majesty which created a strong connection to the Divine within me.

Sitting and practicing a lot of silent meditation, I grew in my ability to follow my own internal guidance. 

I visited lots of sacred standing stones and ancient places and met many beautiful and inspiring people.

I participated in many retreats visited Glastonbury and soon discovered the Osho Leela community in Dorset . 

I moved in to the community and began the Humaniversity Therapist training which was a great foundation for healing my own past .  

I visited their International Centre in Holland and decided to stay and complete the One Year Intensive and Advanced Therapist Training . Their mission statement is to train the best therapists in the world! 

It was during this time I developed my love for group therapy and the group process. I learned a tremendous amount being so involved, especially communication & conflict resolution skills. Other modalities included Bio Energetics, Rebirthing, and many and varied Emotional Release Techniques. 

I have always had an interest in the healing arts, so I trained as yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner, holistic massage therapist, and also accurate energy medicine (Acu-Energetics) and discovered and practised Shamanism.


Relationship Coaching
6 online sessions (one hour each)

Introduction and meeting with couple – to discover what are the main issues in the relationship at present.
2nd session with male client.  
3rd session with female client.  

After which we meet all together on line once a month. After each session there will be exercises to be fulfilled.

Most relationships break down due to lack of honest communication. people in relationships have very strong ideas how there relationship should look and what they should receive from the relationship. The cycle I so often see and have experienced myself is the Blame – Guilt cycle.

My sessions will be of great support to not give up on the love and find tools to support you in working through conflict. 


Personal Growth
12 online sessions (one hour each) 

1. Introduction – What do you want to work on and what would you want the outcome to be?
2. Healing the past – Working with Forgiveness.
3. Self love – how much do you love yourself and what judgements do you have about yourself that stop you from loving yourself and accepting yourself.
4. Knowing your emotions. How do they manifest in an unhealthy way.
5. Communication - are you communicating in a way that is honest and clear? Do you struggle with communicating what you like and dislike, are you able to ask for what you need?
6. Your relationship with your mother. Did you learn how to nourish yourself?
7. Your relationship with your father. Did you learn how to stand in your natural authority?
8. Creating space for love relationships and intimacy.
9. Learning to meditate breathe and come home to yourself.
10.What are your visions and dreams?
11. Practical steps in creating positive change in your life.
12. Completion Ceremony and guidance. 


Life Purpose 
12 week online course (2 sessions a week)
1 overnight retreat with individual programme

Finding and living your life purpose
To feel happy and alive in life, we need to be doing what gives us the deepest meaning. We need to know that what we doing adds value to our lives and others. Most of all we need to feel that we are reaching our full potential.
So on this course, we will dive into the deep of where you hold yourself back.
What are your belief systems?
We will discover what your gifts are.
What you need to change in order to move forward.
We will create a practice around health, work and relationships.

This is an advanced model, and so requires a full commitment.
The journey of Gold.

£1,450 (VIP clients)

Online Coaching

I hour session

Spiritual Healing

1 hour session

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour session

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with abuse
Personal growth
Life purpose
Meditation coaching

Yes - sessions available on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp

All courses and sessions are paid in advance. A two instalment agreement can be arranged.

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